Aegon’s Sustainable Fixed Income Strategy Wins Best ESG Fixed Income Award

Aegon Asset Management is honored to receive ESG Investing's Best ESG Fixed Income Investment award for our Sustainable Fixed Income strategy.

The strategy was selected from a group of seven semi-finalist strategies represented by asset managers from around the world. ESG Investing, part of Global Markets Media, selected the winners based on a number of factors including the sustainability criteria, transparency of the investment methodology and performance history.

Aegon AM US launched the Sustainable Fixed Income strategy in 2019 in response to client demand for sustainability-themed fixed income solutions. Building from a time-tested fixed income platform, we developed the product in an effort to provide clients the opportunity to pursue long-term alpha while participating in the shift toward a more sustainable world.

As a member of the portfolio management team and a key architect of the strategy, James Rich, Senior Portfolio Manager, collaborated with research analysts and the firm's Responsible Investment team, to design a proprietary sustainability research process and identify sustainable investment candidates. "We are so pleased to have our Sustainable Fixed Income strategy be recognized as an innovative responsible investment solution," James commented. "At Aegon AM, sustainable fixed income investing goes far beyond green bonds. We're finding many compelling opportunities to invest in issuers addressing the world's most pressing sustainability issues."

To conduct sustainability research, Aegon Asset Management combines internal insights and external research to form a holistic view of the issuers' sustainability and economic potential. This rigorous bottom-up sustainability assessment is tailored to the sector and issuer type. Ultimately, a Sustainable Investment Committee identifies a universe of sustainable investment candidates across a wide range of fixed income securities including corporate bonds, sovereign debt, structured securities and municipal bonds. Portfolio managers then assess sustainable investment candidates through a traditional economic lens and construct a multi-sector fixed income portfolio of attractive risk-adjusted investment opportunities.

Emanuele Fanelli, Responsible Investment Manager, attended the award ceremony. "I'm really proud of our thoughtful, rigorous sustainability framework. I believe this award is a reflection of our clear and transparent sustainability methodology." As a member of the Sustainable Investment Committee, Emanuele is responsible for helping the firm uphold the integrity of the sustainability assessment process and identify investment candidates. The Responsible Investment team also contributes to the firm's bilateral and collaborative engagement efforts focused on encouraging sustainable practices and growing sustainable businesses.

With increasing focus on sustainability across consumers, businesses and policymakers, we believe sustainability is a secular shift that could reshape markets and the global economy. As the sustainability shift unfolds and the domino effect multiplies, a sustainability-themed investment strategy may provide opportunities to pursue better long-term outcomes and contribute to a more sustainable global economy.


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In March 2020, ESG Investing, part of Global Markets Media Ltd in the UK, selected Aegon Asset Management as the winner of the Best ESG Investment Fund: Fixed Income award based on the submission of Aegon AM US' Sustainable Fixed Income strategy. The winners were selected by a judging panel that assessed the submissions based on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the quality of the award application, age of the strategy, returns and sustainability criteria. Beyond this, the judges used their own discretion to select the winner. The panel includes a representative employed by a company of Aegon Asset Management, but did not judge the award for this category to avoid conflict of interest. ESG Investing does not require an explicit fee for the award. Aegon AM US' Sustainable Fixed Income strategy was one of seven semi-finalists. For additional information, visit ESG Investing's site:

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