Defined Benefit Solutions

Key characteristics: • Ability to develop solutions for plans of all sizes and all stages of derisking • Extensive experience constructing and managing to customized benchmarks, both asset-based and liability-based • Multi-sector fixed income solutions supported by experienced, long-tenured portfolio managers • Research-focused mindset

Our Multi-Sector Approach to Defined Benefit Solutions

Aegon Asset Management US specializes in multi-sector fixed income investing, an expertise built over decades of working closely with insurance company clients. Having evolved from the customized benchmarking and asset-liability management approach used by life insurance companies for decades, we have adapted skills and developed infrastructure to match asset cash flows with anticipated liabilities. Our highly customized approach to finding relative value at each part of the yield curve is born from the strategy life insurance companies utilize to match their highly complex, unique liability streams. We combine the full complement of our deep, fundamental, bottom-up research culture, our global top-down house view process, and our risk management systems, to provide customized solutions for pension plans.

Dynamic Framework

The partnership between clients, plan sponsors, plan actuaries, investment consultants and investment professionals is essential to developing and implementing an investment solution that meets the unique needs of each pension plan. Our dynamic framework supports collaboration at each step of the process.