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Multi-Asset: more diversified solutions

Our unconstrained multi-asset portfolios blend different asset classes to meet the investment objectives and risk profiles of our clients.


asset allocation

We constantly seek to tilt the portfolio towards the most attractive risk-adjusted blend of investment mix opportunities. Our dynamically managed asset allocation process gives us the flexibility to achieve our investment objectives regardless of market conditions.

Equity-like returns

for significantly less volatility

Multi-asset solutions that deliver equity like returns for only half to two-thirds of equity market volatility. We seek to offer stability for investors through a truly diversified portfolio, with low volatility and limited drawdowns.

Highly Diversified

blending diverse sources of return

At the core of many traditional multi-asset portfolios are simply equities and bonds. Our solutions seek genuine diversification through significant allocations to alternative asset classes like infrastructure, listed real estate and renewable energy.

Strong heritage

Global Asset Manager

Our global multi-asset portfolios are managed by Kames Capital which is part of the Aegon Asset Management global investment group. Aegon Asset Management operates through multiple investment centres, which together manage €315 billion (31 December 2018) on behalf of institutional, wholesale and retail clients.

Multi-Asset: our key strategies

Kames Global Diversified Income Fund

This outcome focused multi-asset fund aims to deliver regular, sustainable monthly income with the potential for capital growth over the medium term (3 to 5 years). The Fund utilises the expertise of a highly experienced multi-asset team to construct a fully diversified portfolio of lowly-correlated assets resulting in lower expected volatility than the broader equity market.

Kames Global Diversified Growth Fund

This high conviction, actively managed multi-asset growth fund aims to maximise capital growth over the medium-term (3 to 5 years) with lower volatility than equity markets. The fund utilises Kames Capital’s dynamic, proven and robust investment process and has the flexibility to allocate to the best growth opportunities, unconstrained by geography or asset class.

Multi-asset thought leadership

Facts & Figures


managed globally in multi-asset

We dynamically manage asset allocation, giving the strategies the flexibility to achieve their objectives in different market conditions.


average team experience

The established team is based in both The Hague and Edinburgh and has a wealth of combined industry experience.


track record

Our multi-asset funds celebrate delivering on their income and growth objectives for three years.

Our 3 Year Anniversary

Interactive Video

Like craft coffee: Creating the perfect asset blend

For the Kames Global Diversified Income Fund, it’s all about the process! Explore what it takes to make it.

Fund Literature & Performance

We have a variety of share classes available to meet the needs of all types of investors.

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