Kames Global Sustainable Equity Fund

Celebrating 3 years of sustainable investing

The Kames Global Sustainable Equity Fund is celebrating its 3rd anniversary. Through our investment philosophy and the support of our highly experienced, dedicated ESG Research team, we look for innovative and disruptive businesses that are making a positive contribution to the world’s sustainability challenges. Here you can read more on the fund’s achievements and our passionate views on sustainable investing.

Impact report

We think about sustainability in three dimensions – products, practices and improvement. In our second Impact Investing report, we demonstrate how our investee companies are addressing sustainability issues in their respective fields, so that investors can understand how and why we invest sustainably.


Outlook 2020

In this video, Craig Bonthron, co-manager of the Kames Global Sustainable Equity Fund, talks about key drivers to the fund’s strong performance in 2019, as well as research priorities and themes in 2020 and beyond.

What does sustainability mean to me?

Craig Bonthron, Kames Global Sustainable Equity Fund Co-Manager, shares his views on what sustainability means to the Fund’s team and how it is embedded in their investment process.

Sustainability key themes

On the 3-year anniversary of the Fund, Craig Bonthron, Fund manager, discusses the key themes we have identified since the Fund’s launch

What is our big ambition?

Craig Bonthron Fund manager, addresses the ambition of the Fund and how we use our sustainability analysis toolkit to achieve this.

Leaders Vs Improvers

Craig Bonthron Fund manager, focuses on how we identify interesting stocks and the importance of looking at both sustainability leaders and improvers.

Kames Global Sustainable Equity Fund


In the latest Soapbox Speaks podcast, Craig Bonthron meets Enrico Vita, the Chief Executive the world’s largest hearing aid supplier. Since joining Amplifon 5 years ago, Enrico has taken on the challenge of running the business while also meeting sustainability standards, and launching the company’s not-for-profit research centre. (6.57 mins)


This first in a series of podcasts gives us the opportunity to talk to Angus Thirwell the Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Hotel Chocolat. He discusses the importance of sustainability in their business, and how it is put into practice from the picking of cocoa beans to the attributes they look for in their high street employees.
(10.29 mins)

Fund page

Read more on the Kames Global Sustainable Equity Fund. Our philosophy is to find innovative and disruptive companies that make great investments and that are also making a positive contribution to the world’s sustainability challenges. We know there is no ‘magic green button’ and consequently approach the topic from the bottom up, with detailed fundamental analysis from both the investment team and our independent ESG Research team.

Fund Flyer

Our analysis shows which companies are committed to improving their sustainability credentials (‘sustainability improvers’) offer more opportunities to investors to generate alpha and outperform in the long term. But sustainable investment funds are not a panacea, you need to pick the right one

Our sustainable process

Designed to achieve strong returns from sustainable investing, the Kames Global Sustainable Equity Fund offers a high-conviction growth-focused portfolio of 35-45 companies and utilises sustainability analysis as a core part of the fundamental research process.