Liability-Driven Investing

Liability-Driven Investing (LDI) covers a wide range of investment solutions and products, all linked by the need to make investments which take account of investors’ future liabilities.

Strategic Liability Matching (SLM)

An efficient way of hedging interest rate risk, where all legal agreements with other parties are settled by the fund. Combined with frequent monitoring of the rate of interest coverage (and, if necessary, adjustment). Strategic allocation to other investment categories can remain largely intact.

Asset Liability Management (ALM)

Provides a lot of insight into the effect of the investment mix on the various risk factors and the indexation potential of your fund. To determine an optimal investment policy, including optimal interest rate hedging policy with more insight and control over the impact of the investment mix.

Risk spreading through diversification

Asset Allocation

Research confirms repeatedly that asset allocation is an indispensable element in each investment portfolio. With the right allocation decisions, a lot of extra return may be achieved. Aegon Asset Management offers both tactical and strategic asset allocation solutions.

Portfolio as desired and customized management

Custom Solutions

You determine the composition of your portfolio based on your specific requirements. Of course, we give you expert advice and take advantage of our expertise and the cost advantages that our scale will bring.

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