Our investment philosophy

We have expertise in risk and return issues and its impact on the entire balance sheet.

Quadrant approach

The quadrant approach forms the basis of our investment philosophy and is used by us throughout the world to structurally work on the basis of one and the same well-founded philosophy. This approach involves the assessment of economic trends, the valuation of assets, technical analyses and sentiments. The quadrant approach focuses on long-term investments based on objective criteria and has enabled a number of our funds to outperform the benchmark for more than 10 years in a row.

Exploiting opportunities

We engage in active management on the basis of our investment philosophy. We closely monitor economic cycles as a means of discovering and exploiting rising as well as declining market opportunities. Research and analysis are essential in this respect, whereby we use a global top-down and a fundamental bottom-up approach. In cooperation with expert teams and together with you, we develop a broad asset management perspective.