Our approach

Aegon Asset Management is a globally operating asset manager. We work together with our UK investment team Kames Capital and our fiduciary and multi-manager investment team in the Netherlands, TKP Investments.

High-quality investment solutions

Our specialized teams offer high-quality investment solutions in the most important investment categories. In this respect, our focus is on fixed-income securities, multi-assets, real estate, equities, alternative investments, multi-manager investments, liability-driven investments, balance sheet solutions and sustainable investments. Our basic principle is to ensure consistency between your investments and your (pension) commitments.

Innovative products

In addition to the prevailing investment categories, we offer you numerous innovative products. Examples of this include the subordinated loans we provide via the Netherlands Investment Institute (NLII). But also the SME loans that we jointly develop with pension funds, banks and government. And consumer loans in the form of mortgages that we offer under the same conditions as the insurer Aegon. Another example is a fixed-income investment fund that invests in state-guaranteed or state-related bonds and private loans.

International teams

We operate from centers of expertise in North America, the United Kingdom, continental Europe and Asia. Globally, we work as a single team for our clients. On the basis of a broad perspective, our experts offer you the best possible advice in relation to investment categories, regions and companies. Our open communication, our focus on knowledge sharing and our disciplined process ensure that our expertise is fully put to work for the benefit of our clients.

Global scope, European vision

Aegon Asset Management operates globally. That provides you with the benefit of an international scope and knowledge exchange. This enables us to quickly make products and services that are successful in foreign markets accessible to our Dutch clients. In this respect we always assess the opportunities presented to us with a sound, European vision.

In-depth research

Disciplined research is the backbone of our investment process. Our international and local research teams generate in-depth global and detailed knowledge as a basis for taking well-founded decisions.

Products and services

On the basis of our own research, analysis and interpretation, Aegon Asset Management offers you a range of solutions in the field of asset management. Generally this involves custom work on the basis of the specific needs of our clients, although we also offer standardized products. The principle that applies to all of our products is that they must have amply proven themselves within the insurer Aegon, before we offer them to third parties.