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About us

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Aegon Asset Management is a global, active investment manager. Aegon Asset Management uses its investment management expertise to help people achieve a lifetime of financial security, with a focus on excellence, trust and partnership. Institutional and private investors entrust Aegon Asset Management to manage approximately €339 billion worldwide.

Our approach

Aegon Asset Management is a globally operating asset manager. We work together with our UK investment team Kames Capital and our fiduciary and multi-manager investment team in the Netherlands, TKP Investments.

Our investment philosophy

We have expertise in risk and return issues and its impact on the entire balance sheet.

Responsible Investment

Profitable and sustainable growth is important to us, but so is helping to make a brighter future for our clients, communities, society and the environment we work in.

We are committed to embracing diversity and inclusion, which means acknowledging, understanding and appreciating the differences between individuals and developing a workplace culture that enhances their value. We recognise that a diverse and inclusive workforce brings a wide range of resources, skills, ideas and energy to the business, and ultimately is a competitive advantage.

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