Reaffirming our commitment to Responsible Investment with updated Policy

2 minute read

Responsible Investment continues to be an evolving area for Aegon and Aegon Asset Management. Since first implementing our Responsible Investment policy in 2011, the industry has undergone significant development and growth.

In 2016 Aegon decided to evaluate the 2011 policy to make sure it lived up to their own and industry standards, and reflected the progress that was made in Responsible Investment (RI) implementation. Aegon Asset Management conducted a peer review and interviews with a number of Aegon staff involved in RI issues and worked with the Responsible Investment Strategy Committee (RISC) and the RI team to develop an updated policy.

The new policy includes a number of updates including:

  • Norms/ESG positions: listing Aegon's position on a number of core ESG issues like weapons, human rights, climate change, tax and corruption.
  • Sector guidelines: a commitment to develop a number of sector specific ESG guidelines. The guidelines will be developed in collaboration with analysts, portfolio-managers and other experts and will be used to better inform investment decisions.
  • Governance: a description of a new governance model, including the RI Strategy and Technical Committees (RISC and RITC).
  • Scope: more precise descriptions of the RI approach for different types of assets and asset owners.
  • External managers: further details on what is expected in situations where Aegon entities work with external asset managers.
  • Impact investment: a new paragraph on impact investments and areas that Aegon is targeting in particular. 

Download the Aegon Responsible Investment Policy (October 2017) ยป