Asset-Liability Management

Asset-Liability Management (ALM) is an important and specialized part of the investment process. It allows institutions to see where their key long-term risks lie, to quantify them and to see how strategy adjustments affect the risks.

Our professionals have been providing ALM services to pension funds, insurers and other investors for many years. Services are provided according to the needs of each investor – this might be a full ALM exercise or a focused analysis tailored to answer specific questions about an institution's strategy.

Personal ALM

The growth of defined contribution (DC) pensions in many countries has shifted more emphasis to the individual, a strong departure from the collective emphasis of traditional defined benefit (DB) arrangements.

Aegon Asset Management Investment Solutions Center specialists have extended and adapted our longstanding experience with ALM for pension funds in a way that allows these techniques to be applied to the field of individual finances. In this way, members of DC plans can better understand the risks and potential outcomes of their retirement plans.

As individuals inevitably start to take more personal control of their retirement planning, pension funds and companies need to be able to respond to the demand for more information, technology and flexibility.