United States

Within the United States, Aegon Asset Management offers high-quality investment solutions and services from Aegon Asset Management US and Aegon Real Assets US.

Aegon Asset Management US

Aegon Asset Management US, an SEC-registered investment advisor specializing in asset management of institutional fixed income and asset allocation portfolios, has principal offices in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Baltimore, Maryland; and Chicago, Illinois.

Aegon Asset Management US has a history dating back to the 1950s, when our affiliates began managing assets. As an SEC-registered investment adviser since 2001 (predecessor registered investment advisor corporation formed in 1989), Aegon Asset Management US has evolved our business model and investment philosophy to meet dynamic and growing needs of our clients. We are nimble and strategic in our response to market changes, and are dedicated to adding value for our clients through our global presence.

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Aegon Real Assets US

Aegon Real Assets US, an SEC-registered investment adviser, provides yield-oriented private debt and equity strategies for institutional nonaffiliated clients and its insurance company affiliates. The firm offers solutions across tax credit equity, energy private equity, real estate private equity, asset management, commercial mortgage loans, agricultural loans, affordable housing, and mortgage loan servicing and special servicing.

We operate with a culture of creativity coupled with decades of experience structuring private real assets tailored to client preferences.

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