Aegon Asset Management works with strategic partners throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas to provide client-centric investment solutions across asset classes.

Our Partners  


Our Chinese joint venture is AEGON-INDUSTRIAL Fund Management Co. (AIFMC), in which Aegon Asset Management has a 49% stake.

La Banque Postal Asset Management (LBPAM)

La Banque Postale Asset Management (LBPAM) is our joint venture in France in which Aegon Asset Management acquired a 25% stake in June 2015.

Mongeral Aegon Investimentos (MAI)

Mongeral Aegon, in which Aegon N.V. acquired a 50% stake in 2009, established our Brazilian affiliate Mongeral Aegon Investimentos in 2013 to operate as an independent asset manager.

Transamerica Asset Management

Transamerica Asset Management (TAM) is an asset management business unit of Transamerica, Aegon N.V.'s US based insurance company. Aegon Asset Management acts as a sub-advisor to a number of TAM's funds.