AEAM Government Related Investment Fund

The Aegon Asset Management Government Related Investment Fund is a fixed-income investment fund that invests in private placements and bonds of predominantly European public entities.

Net value in euro

Fund Highlights

  • Investing in government-guaranteed private placements and bonds.
  • Significantly higher return compensates limited liquidity.
  • Focused on investments with high credit rating.
  • Interest rate risk comparable with government bonds.
  • Limited capital charge; FTK and Solvency II efficient.

High spread compared to governments bonds

Because of the limited liquidity of these type of investments, a high spread is realized compared to government bonds. The portfolio's average rating is AA. Due to this high rating, the fund has a limited capital charge under Dutch FTK and Solvency II. As a result, the fund provides a suitable alternative to investing in government bonds while targeting significantly higher returns.

Net performance in euro

Total net return in %

Fund Manager

Hendrik Tuch

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