Financial Risk Management Investment Solutions Center

Risk is at the heart of every portfolio and investment strategy, but in managing, mitigating and removing risk, institutional investors face a large menu of options.

The Investment Solutions Center specializes in developing hedging and asset allocation strategies that can optimize a portfolio for a given risk budget, taking into account the relevant regulatory requirements.

Even for the most seasoned investor, the 'best' choices are not always clear-cut. Our investment professionals are experts in their fields and their work helps clients quantify the risks, understand the available financial risk management options, and assess the combinations that are appropriate for their own circumstances, risk tolerance and core investment beliefs.

Our financial risk management expertise include

  • Comprehensive monitoring of financial risks.
  • Developing new risk management techniques and approaches.
  • Using Asset-Liability Management to assess general and specific risks within investment strategies.
  • Assessing the risks and benefits of adding new asset classes to portfolios.
  • Devising strategies to improve balance sheet risk-return profiles.
  • Optimizing Liability-Driven Investing strategies, taking into account a given risk budgets.
  • Developing dynamic hedging strategies that allow investors to adapt their hedging strategy according to interest or inflation rate levels.
  • Detecting and quantifying unhedged risks within portfolios and assessing their relative importance.
  • Investigating the effects of new and existing regulation on portfolio risk profiles.